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Why choose a qualified tutor?

It can be a difficult decision to find the right tutor for your child and there are always lots of things to consider:

Cost, timings, personality, suitability, location, experience and results...

All big considerations!

Why should you choose a fully qualified educator with years of experience as a class teacher, when they may cost more then another tutor without that experience or qualification?

The answer is simple: quality!

By selecting a fully qualified and experienced teacher for your child, every minute of every session will be meaningful and used to promote understanding and learning.

Qualifications - BA(Hons) with QTS - and experience as an ‘outstanding’ teacher mean that with Love to Learn Tuition, your child will receive ‘outstanding’ quality of teaching and learning in every session.

Qualified + Experienced Teacher = Success!

For £40 an hour, the question should really be; why wouldn’t you?

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Hello and welcome to Love to Learn Tuition! From April 23rd I will have sessions available for tuition in English and Maths. Please get in touch for more information.

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